Saturday, November 6, 2010

Pick your favorite aquatic critters (Due: 11/12/10)

For your upcoming blog assignments you will have the freedom to choose critters and plants that you find most interesting.

For the next blog, we will focus on aquatic systems (freshwater, estuarine, or marine). Choose a plant/animal from each of the following categories. Fine and post a picture, identify each organisms and write one to three sentences about each one.

Pick one of each: 1 phytoplankton, 1 zooplankton, 1 aquatic macrophyte, 1 fish, 1 crustacean, 1 mammal (6 organisms total). I will be interested to see what you choose. :)

Due date: Friday, November 12, 2010.


Friday, October 15, 2010

Your favorite biome (post to your blog by October 29, 2010)

Please post the following to your blog:

A picture that represents your favorite biome
A description of the features that define this biome

Ecological Niche of your favorite organism (due 10/25/10)

Please post on your blog:
A picture of your favorite organism AND identify as many conditions that definte its ecological niche.

Mitochondrial Eve (please post by October 22, 2010)

Please submit a post of a description of Mitochondrial Eve (including a picture) and at least six pictures of individuals whose characteristics describe the broad divergence of the tribes of man (include at least two individuals who genetic line remained in the African continent and be cautious not to include individuals who represent modern (the past 100 yrs) blending events (i.e. what is the cultural/ethnic/genetic history of an individual from Puerto Rico?) a picture of a representation of Mitochondrial Eve. Identify the culture/ethnicity/tribal identity of the individual and be respectful about the source of images you obtain (i.e. please don't use facebook profile pictures...that's tacky and probably inappropriate)...but "google images" should be okay in most cases. Ask me if you have concerns about etiquette. Explain how it is that we could come from a common ancestor (Mitochondrial Eve) and present such current diversity of physicality and appearance. Given the ability for humans to move so freely around the world, what would we anticipate to be a reasonable "general appearance" of a human being 1,000 years from today?